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What does Vilmat offer?

“Vilmat” offers an integrated solution for home automation type “smart home”. Our relationships with different partners provide customer choice and our long experience in the field of engineering and design guarantees quality and honesty in our work.

Which are the projects you worked on?

We have worked on many projects for building and home automation. A large site we are currently working on is “San Stefano Plaza”, which includes 115 luxury suites, fully equipped with home automation technology. Another of our projects is the “St. George” School, a school in Sofia with built-in building automation system.

What should a person have in order to be able to automate his home?

Home automation is no longer a luxury, accessible only to multi-millionaires. This is a solution suitable for people who build their new home or undertake a complete renovation. More and more people are deciding to invest in building a Smart Home system. The integrated intelligent system provides optimal control and monitoring and provides both local and remote access to anywhere in the home. The user can control their home through a control panel, phone, tablet, TV and even a mirror.

What can be automated through the system?

The Smart Home system allows the automation of different parts of the home. Each customer can choose to what extent they want to automate your home. As a result of complete home automation, set scenarios can be performed. For example, in the morning before leaving for work, it is enough to press a button, triggering the alarm, shutting down the blinds and turning off the lights and some electrical appliances. The system allows control over: multimedia, security, lighting, blinds, heating, irrigation system, garage doors, video surveillance, video intercom, contacts, energy management, weather station. More information can be found on the Services page.

What are the benefits of the Smart Home system?

The Smart Home system provides easy control, convenient management, comfort, security, smart saving costs and power and beautiful design. Home automation ensures cost savings from electricity, water and gas. The possibility of video surveillance provides the owner of the home direct control over each point of the house, even when it is outside the city or country. Through the scenarios, the home takes care of the incomparable comfort and security of the whole family.

How can I get more information about the demo room?

If you want to learn more, to see up close how the home automation system works or speak with one of our specialists do not hesitate to contact us. You will find information on our Contacts page.

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